Cutted Parts Module

Used to manage cutted products in Odoo

Shall create an example with target

We have a raw material with dimensions:

  • X = 1000

  • Y = 500

As target we need to have a finished product with dimensions and we need to take care about material wastage during cutting:

  • X = 100

  • Y = 50

  • X Percent Wastage = 1.10

  • Y Percent Wastage = 1.10

  • X additional fixed wastage = 3

  • Y additional fixed wastage = 3

  • Raw Material Conversion Factor = 0.5

Raw material factor is used as conversion for example from meters to millimeters need be 1000.

Raw material configuration

As you can see there is a section in the Technical Information tab dedicated to Raw Material.

You need to check the field Is Raw Material and setup X and Y fields.

These are your raw component dimensions

Odoo image and text block

Finished product configuration

As you can see from the picture finished product need to have

  • Is Raw Material unchecked

  • Raw Material Product setup as your raw material product

  • Raw Material Conversion Factor as 0.5

  • X Raw Material length as 100

  • Y Raw Material length as 50

  • X Percent Wastage as 1.10

  • Y Percent Wastage as 1.10

  • X Material Wastage as 3

  • Y Material Wastage as 3

Odoo text and image block

Cutted Parts BOM creation

Now the goal is to create the BOM starting from these settings, we want to have as parent the finished product, as child the raw material product and the quantities computed due to parameters set in the finished product form.

Odoo image and text block

Start create the BOM

From the product form view you need to to in the Action menu and click  Create Normal Bom menuitem. This will open next window
Odoo image and text block

Bom creation dialog

Here you have some options

  1. Summarize bom lines if a BOM already exists

  2. Cutted part action as None in case a multi level BOM doesn't create the BOM

  3. Cutted part action as Explode will create the BOM as we expect in this blog

  4. Cutted part action as Replace in case a multi level BOM will replace finished product with raw material product

  5. Preserve custom BOM lines will not change BOM lines added handmade

Odoo image and text block

Cutted parts BOM

 Final result is

X Length:   [X Raw Material length (100) * X Percent Wastage (1.10)] + X Material Wastage (3)          =            113

Y Length:   [Y Raw Material length (50) * Y Percent Wastage (1.10)] + Y Material Wastage (3           =            58

Cutted Qty: Equal by default to Raw Material Conversion Factor (0.5)

Quantity:  X Length (113) * Y Length (58) * Cutted Qty (0.5)                                                                   =            3277

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