As one of the first Italian Odoo (former OpenERP) Partners, we provide full assistance and experienced support to help you improving your company performances and satisfy your business requirements!

Due to the potential of this cutting-edge software, while maintaining the characteristics -especially economic ones- of an opensource ERP, we are able to propose winning solutions, optimizing business processes, streamlining the workload, resulting in a lowering of the costs of management and an increase in time, for our Customers to use in any further improvements or new projects.

After identifying the initial needs of the Customer, the management of each project begins with a detailed technical analysis, in which our team, alongside the Customer's Project Leader, collects information directly from each department, in order to accurately describe the business work-flow.

Only after carefully processing these data, we are able to deliver a documentation called SOW (statement of work), containing the following information:

  • Description of business work-flow

  • Identification of Project targets

  • Indication of each Odoo module to be installed

  • Description of Modules or Features to be customized

  • Personalized economic offer describing each phase of the Project

  • Detailed timing of realization

  • Calendar and schedule of the Project


Each implementation is performed considering the excellent scalability that distinguishes Odoo, so you can easily add any developing phases later, at any time.

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