Costs for your 

OdooPLM Implementation

a guide to understand the real advantages of the solution

Why OdooPLM:

  • It's OpenSource

  • It's based on Odoo 

  • It integrates the most popular commercial CADs

  • Developed to satisfy real cases and needs

  • It evolves constantly, guaranteeing the highest standard

Closed source solutions. In terms of costs, a closed source solutions, has licences price that makes a great impact in the final cost of the implementation.

Computation of the total cost of your implementation:

A = Acquisition costs 

I = Implementation costs 

M = Maintenance/support costs 

A + I + M  = TCO 4 

Closed Source PLM OdooPLM
Acquisition costs  ​15000 0
Implementation costs  ​5000 ​5000
Maintenance / support costs  3000 ​3980
Total ​23000 ​8980
​Data based on a 10 CAD-User implementation