This is the history of the feature of odooPLM

24/06/2019 DEV RELEASE


This is a fix release, just fix the many2one fields  search

13/06/2019 DEV RELEASE


This development release have lot of new improvement.

we have work on performance issue and we have added new feature:

Odoo image and text block

New Panel option

Now the option are better organised grouped by panel

Odoo image and text block

New Options for automatic save parts

 With this two new options the user can save the files tacking the part name and the document name directly from the file name.

This feature is very useful in case of data recovering. 

Save cut B.O.M and Raw B.O.M

In this version only for SolidWoks integration you have the capability to save the cut list bom and the part raw material present in SolidWorks.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

SolidWorks open file option

We are now able to open the solidworks file in the some way as the cad do