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2019 OdooPLM

04/30/2019 06:56:13 In Our Blog


10/18/2017 17:26:24 In Our Blog

New fixing release

09/02/2017 08:32:08 In Our Blog
omniasolutions, solidworks, solidedge, inventor, autocad, plm, pdm, odoo, thinkdesign
List of commit comments in order to better understand what is changed with this new 2017 bux fix release.

OdooPLM 2017

02/22/2017 09:40:31 In Our Blog
omniasolutions, odooplm, release notes, solidwoks, solidedge, inventor, options, documentation
Release notes of odooPLM 2017 new features and improvments


02/16/2017 22:55:39 In Testimonial Blog

Massive Assignament

01/23/2017 10:18:19 In Our Blog
omniasolutions, odooplm, cad, plm, easy, load, inventor, solidworks, solidedge, pdm
helps you to load in a faster way the cad files not stored in the plm (Solidworks, Solidedge,Inventor, Autocad, Thinkdesign)

New odooPLM for Odoo V10

12/15/2016 09:34:41 In Our Blog
omniasolutions, odoo, odooplm, solidworks, solidedge, inventor, autocad, 2017
New version compatible with odoo v10


10/10/2016 13:11:02 In Testimonial Blog

New Partnership

06/01/2016 16:28:45 In Testimonial Blog

OdooPLM at PyCON 7

02/05/2016 09:30:33 In Testimonial Blog

PLM Box How TO

12/04/2015 06:04:53 In Our Blog

Promo video

12/04/2015 05:48:37 In Testimonial Blog

Odoo PLM Released

11/23/2015 11:27:46 In Our Blog